Welcome to Tibetan Translation Notes!


Welcome to Kirt’s Tibetan Translation Notes. After years of Tibetan Buddhist practice and encouragement from all of my Dharma teachers to learn Dharma languages, I have finally decided to start learning Classical Tibetan in earnest. So this blog is a journey through learning Classical Tibetan, analyzing prayers and sadhanas for reading as well as classic texts. I will also focus on computational linguistics as it relates to Classical Tibetan as my background includes information extraction and computational linguistics. These will definitely be my notes in hypertext format as I learn Classical Tibetan but they may also be useful to others. I also hope to produce some useful software along the way.

I took one lesson in Tibetan many years ago with Khenpo Kalsang where he took me through the Tibetan alphabet. I hope to resume studying with Khenpo shortly. More recently I have been learning Tibetan primarily by analyzing short text’s (often short teachings or short prayers) and asking questions on the Dharmawheel Language forum and using resources online such as Kent Sandviks excellent site Jigtenmig and the Tibetan and Himalayan Library. Both the Dharmawheel Language forum and Kent’s site are invaluable. I cannot thank the very knowledgeable and helpful contributors on Dharmawheel enough.

Most of my posts will use Tibetan fonts directly like Jomolhari or the Tibetan Machine Unicode fonts. The days of being constrained to Wylie are now over (although just barely – it appears that the change to Tibetan fonts occurred between 2006-2008).


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