Found the two Medicine Buddha Sutras in ACIP


TOH 504= ACIP H.472

in Sanskrit: arya bhavavato bhaisajyaguru vaiduryaprabhasya purvapranidhanavisesavistara nama mahayanasutra

in Tibetan: འཕགས་པ་བཅོམ་ལྡན་འདས་སྨན་གྱི་བླ་བཻ་ཌུརྱའི་འདོ་ཀྱི་སྔོན་གྱི་སྨོན་ལམ་གྱི་ཁྱད་པར་རྒྱས་པ་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་ཐེག་པ་ཆེན་པོའི་མདོ།

So this is something like the “Noble Mahayana Sutra of the Bagawan, Light of Lapis Lazuli, King of Medicine’s Former Vows”. titles this “The Sūtra Describing in Full the Specific Previous Vows of Bhaiṣajyaguruvaiḍūryaprabha”.  This is probably the sutra that lays of the vows of the Medicine Buddha, although the one that is commonly cited for those vows is found in the Lotus Sutra which is also in the Kangyur.  This sutra may reference the seven Medicine Buddha’s as well.

and TOH 505 = ACIP H.473
in Sanskrit: arya tathagatavaiduryapradbha nama baladhanasamadhi dharani
in Tibetan: འཕགས་པ་དེ་བཞིན་གཤེགས་པའི་ཏིང་ངེ་འཛིན་གྱི་སྟོབས་བསྐྱེད་པ་བཻ་ཌུརྱའི་འོད་ཅེས་བྱ་བའི་གཟུངས།
and this is the sutra that actually records the mantra (dharani) of the Medicine Buddha. titles this “The Incantation of Vaiḍūryaprabha”.

It should be noted that the dharani recorded is not the dharani that we are taught in Tibetan Buddhist centers.  The dharani in this text is much longer or is a series of dharani’s.  However the dharani taught seems to be extracted from this much longer dharani or set of dharanis.

In “Systems of Buddhist Tantra”, book 6.4, chapter 2, “Divisions of Tantra”, Kongtrul notes that the Sakya school has a special designation for sutras that concern themselves with dharani, called “sutra skills tantra” and specifically cites these two texts.  The translation calls them the Blue Beryl Light Discourse and it’s Dharani respectively.   Both of these texts are found in the Kriyatantra division of the of the Tantra Collection of the Kangyur.  ACIP has them under the Tantra Collection as well under section ཏ .


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